Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carbon enclosures

Article in Yes! magazine frames some eye-catching remappings taking place around climate responses and the power of subnational governments. In this case, for example, California directly dealing with communities in the Global South to purchase forests as climate offsets for California's CO2 emitters. For Chiapas, the plan already looks like a historical land grab pattern:
Such an agreement among subnational governments is unprecedented, and California officials view it as an important way for the world’s eighth largest economy to help the developing world. But judging from the reaction on the streets of San Cristóbal, Mexican peasants see it differently. The lush, mountainous state of Chiapas has a long history of human rights abuses, and the Mexican government has forcibly evicted indigenous families from their lands in the name of environmental protection. To indigenous peasants in the Lacandon jungle, the pending agreement has all the hallmarks of a land grab.
Should Chiapas Farmers Suffer for California’s Carbon? (via)

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